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Get modernized Asset Tracking

Plus easy scalability

Minus the headaches.

Plus streamlined communication

Manage All Company Assets

You can manage all of your company's assets with CG4 Asset Tracking for maximized visibility supported by Zebra's best-in-class barcoding technologies.

Real-time visibility on asset location, status, and usage

No-cost proof of concept of Zebra scanners

Customize configuration to manage Zebra devices according to your preferences

Easy integration of new scanners and devices for fast scalability

You can't afford to overlook asset visibility.

Configure CG4's platform to create configurable modules/use cases that help your teams optimize handhelds to track and update assets throughout the entire life cycle using your handheld devices.

Performing periodic audit/inventory of your assets


Swapping old with replacement assets


Updating assets as they are issued to employees and then when received back into stock


Receiving new assets on the dock


Transferring assets between locations


Decommissioning / retiring assets


Loading assets to ship and unloading truck at destination


Inventorying stockrooms of assets


...and any other desired step in the asset life cycle!

Common CG4 modules/use cases include:
All strengthened by Zebra's RFID technologies

RFID Scanner

  • Capture multiple codes at once with no line of sight

  • 25% faster scanning for 40% more accuracy

  • Push-to-talk options

  • Android OS simplifies onboarding


RFID Printers

  • All Metal Designs

  • Faster printing speeds

  • Easy media loading


RFID Fixed Reader

  • High RF Sensitivity

  • Supports WiFi, 4G, LTE, and Bluetooth networks

  • Lower latency


Custom Tags

  • Customize label size, shape, and inlay

  • Labels made with pre-tested materials

  • Fast label replenishment

Experience Counts!

Count on our experienced team to simplify barcode and RFID deployment and maintenance so you can manage you assets.

Contact us for a comprehensive assessment to see where you can get started.

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