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You install it locally or we install it on a hosted server.

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CG4 Asset Tracking

  • Discover the flexibility of web based asset tracking software deployed as a hosted solution or on your local server or PC on a secure connection.
  • Track assets (IT assets, tools, furniture, etc.) with the perfect asset tracking software configurable to your specific needs.
  • Mobile asset tracking tools include using integrated scanners, smart phones, USB scanners, and Bluetooth connected scanners. A technician using any of these devices is able to make asset updates while on-site with the assets.
  • RFID & Barcode asset tracking are both included in the CG4 Asset Tracking software.
  • CG4 Asset Tracking software is cost effective and creates a quick return on investment.
  • When upgrading from one general release version of CG4 to another, the new version of the general release software is included at no additional cost as part of maintenance.

Features - Benefits


Why should you select the CG4 asset tracking system? The asset management software we offer is the result of offering asset tracking software for over 17 years to some of the largest and smartest customers on the planet. Through the years, customers gave us suggestions, complaints, and collaborated with us.

The result of this effort is that we are able to offer cost effective off-the-shelf asset tracking solutions that will meet your needs. CG4 Asset Tracking products are compatible with integrated scanners, smart phones and tablets and use barcode tracking and RFID reading. The following are a few of the features: web based asset tracking, mobile asset management, server & workstation operating system flexibility, offline & online modes, scalable read more...

Mobile solutions for your existing enterprise asset management and tracking system.

The CG4 Asset Tracking software works with many backend systems. This includes, but not limited to, ServiceNow, HP Asset Manager, Cherwell, and PeopleSoft Asset Management. If you have a different backend system, talk with your CG4 representative to see if the integration is already in the works. The CG4 Asset Tracking software allows Enterprise customers to easily incorporate the benefits of using of Windows Mobile scanners, smartphones, tablets, and RFID readers in their asset tracking efforts.

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