FAQs - Asset Tracking Systems

In our quest to help you, here are some frequently asked questions that you may find useful.

Why should you select our solution?

The asset tracking system we offer is the result of offering asset tracking software for years to some of the smartest customers on the planet. During that time, customers have given suggestions, complaints, and collaborated with us. The result of this effort is that we are able to offer an off-the-shelf asset tracking solution that should meet your needs. Take a look at the Features and Benefits.

Which types of assets do customers most commonly track?

We have noticed that many of our customers spend a large percentage of their asset tracking efforts to track their IT equipment. Many track all the other assets in their financial systems, such as furniture, equipment, vehicles, tools, art, boxes, etc. You may want to refer to the Return on Investment information.

Do you force upgrades to subsequent versions?

No. Typically, once an implementation is up and running, customers tend to focus on other business issues. We agree with the philosophy “If it is not broken, do not fix it.” If there is functionality in newer releases of the software that you are interested in, then you may decide to migrate to the latest version of ATS. While under maintenance, you get all future software releases at no incremental charge.

Am I required to use a handheld with an integrated scanner?

No. Our software will work without an integrated scanner unit. You can use a handheld that only lets you touch the screen for navigation. Alternately, you can use a smartphone or a tablet if you do not have integrated scanners. Some CG4 customers only use a PC browser to do all the asset tracking editing. Consult with your CG4 representative about your objectives.

Which type of barcode should I use?

There are a variety of barcode fonts and formats for you to choose from. Many of them are great for specific needs, but in our experience most customers use a commonly available barcode font such as 3 of 9. They usually only barcode the unique identifier of the asset and count on the handheld to retrieve the related asset record with all the relevant details. You will find additional helpful bits of information in Asset Tracking Basics.

Should I use preprinted barcodes?

Pre-printed labels are the best choice for asset labels. Pre-printed labels are more flexible, have greater adherence properties, and are more durable. We offer a full range of custom or standard formats designed specifically for asset labeling. Take a look in Best Practices if you would like to learn more along the lines of what we see our customers doing.

Should I use wireless or a cradle?

Some customers have a wireless infrastructure in place, which gives them the option to purchase handhelds that can connect wirelessly to the corporate network. If your technicians need to sync their data many times during the day, then wireless may be the way to go. If your technicians need to sync just a couple of times a day (maybe at lunch and at the end of the day), then using a standard batch handheld in a cradle is probably the best for you. The cradle method is much more common and less expensive than wireless.

What information should I barcode?

Barcodes are helpful because they are very accurate. Most people understand the benefits of making your unique asset identification a barcode so that you can scan it quickly, but there are other things you may want to consider barcoding. Creating location barcodes and affixing them to the doorways around your facilities is very common. If you have a task your technicians are doing where there is repetitive input of the same information, you can prepare a scan sheet that they can use to scan that information into the appropriate field on the handheld. If you are adding new assets quite a bit with the handhelds and most of the new assets are from a relatively short list of models, you might want to scan model barcodes for the new asset fields.

Can I get work done without a handheld?

Yes. With our stand alone asset tracking product, you have the web interface that allows you do to anything you need to, make edits, create assets, all without using a handheld of any type. Some customers do this as a first phase to get the asset data into the CG4 software and then at a later time purchase handhelds. Some stand alone customers never purchase handhelds. The customers using ATS Enterprise (integrated to their asset management system) do need to purchase handhelds because updates to the data are only allowed via the handhelds (no web screens can edit the data).

Am I required to use a specific browser?

No. The web-based CG4 Asset Tracking software will work with many browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and others. Regardless of whether you are using Apple or Windows computers, you will be able to use your favorite browser to use the CG4 software.