We keep our support model simple. While on maintenance, you are entitled to unlimited support via phone, email, and web conference. You also receive all future versions of the Asset Tracking System at no incremental charge. At CG4, we want you to be pleased using our software and we will support you to that end. It is our goal to be a reliable resource for you to get your asset tracking work done.

We do our own support. When you contact us with a question, you will be talking to someone from CG4. We created our software, we love our software, and we know it well enough to give you great support. Allowing us to have remote access helps us speed up the resolution of more challenging items, but it varies from customer to customer. In the end, we just use the best information you can make available to us (logs, data, your ideas, remote access, etc.).

Our office is open Monday through Friday 8 – 5 Mountain Time.

Contact us and let CG4 start working for you today.

If you are new to CG4, you may want to look at a few Frequently Asked Questions.