Pricing for Web-Based & Mobile Asset Tracking Systems

CG4 pricing is based on several licensing components, including server licenses, integrated scanner licenses, concurrent smartphone and tablet licenses, concurrent CG4 Central web licenses, and fixed RFID reader licenses.

Server Licensing. Customers only need one production server license. Each server license includes a license for a development/test server. Whether you have one office tracking 1,000 assets or you have a million assets scattered around the world, you only need one CG4 server.

Integrated Scanner Licensing. Each handheld scanner you use (barcode or RFID) needs a handheld license. You may have many more users defined than you have handheld licenses. For example, you may have purchased 50 handheld licenses for your 50 integrated scanners, but have 150 users set up in CG4 because they all share the handhelds. Any user may log in and use any handheld scanner.

Smart Phone/Tablet/PC Browser Licensing. The licensing for use with smartphones, tablets, and PC Browsers (with or without a USB scanner attached) is concurrent. If you have 100 technicians that have smartphones, but no more than 20 log in at the same time, then you only need 20 concurrent licenses.

CG4 Central Web User Licensing. The CG4 Central server is where the administrative functions are performed. Non-administrative personnel can log into CG4 Central Web and do all the standard asset tracking functions, such as moves, adds, and changes. The users have access to the same custom modules they have access to on smartphones and integrated scanners. These licenses are also concurrent.

Fixed RFID Licensing. If you implement fixed RFID readers as part of your asset tracking efforts, you will need a license for each of the fixed readers. These readers are typically installed at key choke points and doorways.

Maintenance. Maintenance is 20% of licensing. While on maintenance you receive all new versions of the CG4 Asset Tracking software at no additional fee. You also receive software fixes, unlimited phone, web and email support, all at no incremental cost.

Quote. Your CG4 representative will be able to listen to you explain your project and give you a quote. CG4 will quote you as a subscription price or a purchase price, depending on your preference.