Asset Tracking Software Deployment Options

The CG4 Asset Tracking software can be deployed as a hosted solution or as a locally-installed solution. Customers vary on this choice, depending on smartphone usage, corporate WIFI authorization, IT policies, and type of deployment of the backend system.

If you have us install it on a hosted server for you, it allows us to more easily log in and provide support, consulting, and upgrading as you desire. Some backend systems are hosted solutions and it makes sense to deploy CG4 in the same manner.

Some customers install CG4 locally onto one of their corporate servers in their internal data centers. If the backend system is installed locally at the customer site, the customer usually decides to have CG4 installed locally as well.

No matter how CG4 Asset Tracking is deployed, you are able to log into CG4 Central server with the CG4 URL and your PC browser.