CG4 Asset Tracking for HP Asset Manager and AssetCenter

HP Asset Manager certified

If you want a mobile asset tracking system that integrates with Hewlett Packard’s Asset Manager and AssetCenter products, then you have come to the right place. The CG4 Enterprise Edition uses barcodes, barcode scanners, RFID tags, RFID handheld scanners, and fixed RFID readers to extend the effectiveness of your investment in AssetCenter and AssetManager.

The CG4 Enterprise Edition has been meeting the needs of Peregrine and Hewlett Packard AssetCenter users since 2001. During 2003 Peregrine decided to discontinue its own line of mobile products. They compared the products of all mobile providers and after detailed testing and review announced in May 2004 that CG4 was selected as Peregrine’s Preferred Mobile Software Provider. They transferred all their existing Peregrine mobile software customers to CG4 Solutions. See the attached press release from May 26, 2004. Click here to visit the HP partner website to read about our partnership with Hewlett Packard.

Strong AssetCenter and Asset Manager Customer Base. We have a very strong customer base of AssetCenter and Asset Manager customers who have been using CG4 Asset Tracking software for many years. Many of the great features we build into our regular releases come from customer suggestions.

Certified Application. The CG4 Enterprise Edition is certified by Hewlett Packard. Click here to visit the HP website documenting our product certification. .

New Customer Implementations. When new Asset Manager customers come aboard with CG4, they are able to use their existing handhelds if they decide to. We provide out-of-the-box Connect-It scenarios that get you up and running very quickly. The CG4 Enterprise Edition is easily configured to match your specific AssetCenter or Asset Manager implementation. We have implemented customers in as short as a few hours or a few days, but most customers schedule it over a period of a time fitting their desired timeline. We are flexible and fit with your schedule.

Implement Prior to Migration. As an option, an Asset Manager or AssetCenter customer may want to implement CG4 with the current version of HP products prior to a migration to a subsequent version of HP products. This allows data to be improved while waiting for the migration and then the transition from one version of Asset Manager to another version is seamless to the handheld user.

Press Release Announcing CG4 selected as Preferred Mobile Provider

FAQ Related to Transistion of Existing Peregrine Mobile Customers to CG4 Products

Notice from Peregrine Withdrawing Support of Peregrine Mobile in Favor of CG4 Products