CG4 Asset Tracking System Products

Asset Tracking System

At CG4 Solutions we focus on providing great asset tracking software. Our Asset Tracking System (ATS) can be deployed as a stand alone system or as a pass through system that integrates to your existing asset management system. Our customers, whether they are one of the top ten largest corporations in the world or a local school district, use our asset tracking system to realize operational and financial benefits as they accurately track their assets.

CG4 ATS Professional Edition

If you would like to keep track of your assets and do not have a separate Asset Management System, you need to deploy CG4 ATS Professional .

CG4 ATS Enterprise Edition

If you have an existing Asset Management System and would like to manage from one to hundreds of handheld users who are continually updating your data via handheld devices, then deploying CG4 ATS Enterprise is what you need. Read more information based on your existing system

  CG4 Asset Tracking System for HP Asset Manager & Asset Center
  CG4 Asset Tracking System for Cherwell asset management
  CG4 Asset Tracking System for ServiceNow asset management
  CG4 Asset Tracking System for Oracle PeopleSoft Asset Management
  CG4 Asset Tracking System for Oracle PeopleSoft Cart Management