CG4 Mobile Web for Smartphones Tablets and PC Browsers

CG4 Asset Tracking allows customers to use smartphones,tablets, and PC Browsers (with or without a USB scanner). Field personnel may already own a smartphone or have one provided by the employer.

CG4 Mobile Web for Smartphones, Tablets, and PC Browsers provides real-time connectivity. All transactions are immediately updated. With batch scanners, there can be timing differences between when the edit is created on the scanner and when it is updated to the back end system.

Smartphones are very common. By using smartphones, companies can avoid a large hardware scanner purchase.

Tablets, such as the iPad, are becoming more popular for enterprise usage.

Some technicians may want to update assets from the convenience of a PC Browser page with a USB scannner attached.  All the same functionality provided for smartphones and tablets is available to PC Browser users as well.

Smartphone and Tablet users can use the cameras on their devices to scan barcodes or they can purchase a Socket scanner, which is a Bluetooth connected scanner that is much more efficient for scanning than simply using the camera.

If technicians are going to scan a lot of barcodes with smartphones or tablets, you should evaluate the Socket scanner.

CG4 supports Apple iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

CG4 Asset Tracking allows customers to use smartphones and tablets