CG4 Mobile Asset Tracking For Integrated Scanners

Integrated scanners are a useful part of many asset management objectives. Integrated scanners are offered by many hardware vendors, including Motorola (previously known as Symbol), Honeywell, Janam, and others.

Integrated scanners include a scanning engine that makes scanning large numbers of barcodes much more efficient than scanning with other types of plug in devices, or perhaps scanning with cameras. If your technicians scan hundreds of barcodes each day, select an integrated handheld scanner. The integrated scanners have stronger read performance and typically scan better in low-light conditions.

The integrated scanners are typically ruggedized and are designed to take multiple drops to concrete from four feet. If your technicians are in an environment where the scanner is banged around or perhaps if you simply want to make sure the scanners are operational for years, then select an integrated scanner model. With the ruggedized integrated scanners we commonly see customers who are able to use their scanners for five years before deciding to upgrade to a new scanner model.

Integrated RFID scanners do both RFID scanning and barcode scanning.

The CG4 Mobile Asset Tracking software for the integrated scanners allows the technicians to operate in batch/offline or real-time/online mode, depending on the tasks performed and the connectivity available.

CG4 mobile asset tracking for integrated scanners

CG4 Mobile Asset Tracking software supports many integrated scanners and many operating systems. For the integrated scanners, CG4 supports handheld operating systems as far back as PocketPC2003. Many customers own integrated scanners that are several years old and are able to use them with CG4 Mobile Asset Tracking instead of necessarily purchasing new handheld scanners.

Consult with your CG4 representative to determine if your existing handhelds will get the job done for you.

If you do not have existing integrated scanners, consult with CG4 to select a handheld model that will be a good match for you. If you are interested, CG4 can be your one-stop-shop and purchase the desired scanners for your company.