Web Based Asset Tracking - CG4 Central Web for Users and Administrators

CG4 web based asset tracking

By selecting a web based asset tracking solution, you have a more flexibile asset tracking tool to use to do your asset tracking.

Part of the challenge with maintaining accuracy in your asset tracking database is giving appropriate access to the users. At CG4 we have two great ways (both part of our asset tracking software) to allow your users to update your asset database. They can do it using handheld scanners with our great mobile asset tracking software or they can use the web based asset tracking interface of our asset inventory software.

When setting up user profiles in the CG4 Asset Tracking System, you have the ability to optionally define which locations of assets the user should have access to rather than giving them access to all company assets. You can also optionally use another profile setting such as ‘category of asset’ if you want to restrict your user to have access to only IT assets such as laptop or desktop computers for example, or you can give users access to all categories of assets.

These user profiles are enforced both on the handhelds and in the web based asset tracking interface within the CG4 Asset Tracking System. When your technicians are in the field or at their desks, they can either use any web browser or any handheld and get their work done. When they do not have a handheld available, they can borrow a browser off a computer and make the updates they need to in the CG4 stand alone asset tracking system. The administrator of the CG4 Asset Tracking Program will be able to access all the configuration settings, supervisory review, and reporting functions from anyplace where there is a browser (from the desk or from the field).

Web based asset tracking also comes in handy if you would like to have our solution hosted with a third party.