CG4 Asset Tracking System Hardware Compatibility

The handheld hardware asset tracking market continues to improve and evolve at a quick pace. We strive to be independent of both hardware vendors and handheld operating systems, which helps with our goal to allow as many handheld options as possible for our customers.

Operating Systems for Integrated Scanners - We support PocketPC2003, Mobile5, Mobile6, CE 5.0, CE 6.0, C7, Android, and Apple.

Hardware Vendors - We have customers using Zebra (Motorola/Symbol), Honeywell, Janam, and other device manufacturers not listed here. We support integrated, non-integrated scanners, ruggedized, and non-ruggedized scanners.

We can purchase handheld hardware for our customers who are interested. Many of our customers already own or have purchased handhelds directly from their own hardware vendors. Either way is fine with us, but we suggest you check with us before you make a new investment in scanners to be used with CG4 software. New handhelds enter the market, other handhelds are discontinued, and some simply work better than others in specific conditions. We can help guide you.