Features and Benefits

The CG4 Asset Tracking system is a robust, mature product. CG4 allows for edits to be made from integrated scanners, PC browsers, smartphones, and tablets using barcodes and RFID tags.

CG4 Central Web allows users who do not have scanners or smartphones to be able to create asset tracking edits.

CG4 Mobile ATS handheld software for integrated scanners allows technicians to create edits in batch mode or real-time mode.

Mobile Web for Smartphones and Tablets are able to create edits in real-time mode.

The CG4 Asset Tracking System includes many features and benefits included in the out-of-the-box software.

Hardware compatibility in the world of scanners and smartphones is a moving target, but we at CG4 work to keep our software compatible with new models.

Barcodes and RFID tags and technology are used to uniquely identify the assets you want to track.