Asset Tracking Software

To know the locations of all your assets you need to have great asset tracking software to pull it all together. You can have barcodes on all your assets, you can have old or new handheld scanners, you can have solid procedures defined to track the movement of your corporate assets, but if you do not have asset software to bring it all together, you are still unprepared.

Why do you need our asset software? The CG4 Asset Tracking System provides all the functionality you need to take ownership of how accurate the corporate asset information is. Maybe you have put barcodes on all your assets that you are interested in tracking. Maybe you have a spreadsheet that lists all the assets. Maybe you and your team go through and periodically inventory the barcoded assets. Maybe you are the IT manager who wants to focus only on IT asset tracking. Maybe your corporation invested in an enterprise-wide system that includes an asset management application. Maybe you have an asset tracking program that does not work well with handhelds or maybe you have simply outgrown its capabilities.

No matter your position, our asset software will seem like a breath of fresh air amid the heat that sometimes beats down on you to regularly account for and inventory your corporate assets. You may roll your eyes with that comment, but if you have any experience tracking your assets with and without great asset software like ours, you know just what we mean.

If you, like others, put off doing your asset inventory work, we can help you with your procrastination issues. Our asset tracking software provides a web server component, a handheld component, and a sync technology that beautifully links the two main components. This web based asset tracking technology increases the ease for a technician to be able to update asset information because they can do it from the web console or from the handheld, whichever is most convenient. If asset tracking transactions are simpler to do, the technicians will do them more quickly and more completely, both of which increase the desired accuracy of your asset software database. Your motivation increases as you see progress and you do not put it off as much the next time.

A great tool such as our asset tracking software separates the beginners from the performers. Contact us and let us set you up for success in all your asset tracking efforts.