Asset Tracking Program

Tracking assets is an ongoing effort and one that requires a combination of efforts from many sources. You have the executives who are responsible for all assets on the company financial statements. They are accountable to shareholders for all company assets. Assets simply must be accurately accounted for and their whereabouts known.

The operational personnel using those assets need to know who is using them for accountability and cost allocation purposes. The technicians who are assigned to fix a printer need to know where the asset is so that they do not waste valuable time.

Can you just purchase a couple of handhelds and get to work? Not quite. You need to have an asset tracking program in place to take advantage of the great new handhelds that are available today. You may already have a robust asset management program and need to extend its capabilities by using CG4’s Pass Through asset tracking program to help improve the accuracy of the asset data. You may need a stand alone asset tracking system with great mobile built in. Either way the CG4 Asset Tracking Program is the tool for you to efficiently track your assets.

Even with CG4’s web based asset tracking program, if your business procedures are not great or if the procedures are not followed, you will not see the accuracy of your asset data increase as much as it could if procedures were being followed. It would be like owning a great nail gun and leaving it in the truck when framing a home. On a regular basis, you need to look at your business procedures that help or hinder the accuracy of your asset data. If you have a good tool and you can create and program asset tracking guidelines, you will see the accuracy of your asset data increase. The results are that your company will be able to show accountability for assets and your company will reap financial benefits on your investment in your asset tracking program.