Asset Inventory Software

Doing simple asset and inventory tracking to ensure you know the actual location of your assets can be a difficult part of managing your assets. You have assets that are frequently on the move to or from a shipping or receiving dock, to or from a stock room or an employee location, in transit somewhere, or just out for repair. When new employees are hired, they need assets, or when old employees leave, their assets need to be checked in. This probably does not happen at your company but there are some assets that get pulled over to someone else’s cubicle when employees leave the company. Maybe the monitor or printer is nicer than the one currently issued to the remaining employee so they swap the asset.

Asset inventory tracking policies, combined with detailed fixed asset tracking procedures and robust asset inventory software all work together to help you stay on top of the constant flow of assets from one place to another within your organization. We at CG4 have a great asset and inventory tracking software tool (Asset Tracking System) that will work well with your business processes

Many times the barcode asset tracking procedures of a corporation, although good, are not fool proof. A regular or periodic inventory of assets is a great way to monitor the accuracy of your procedures.

Asset and inventory asset tracking efforts will keep the location and the date inventoried information for your assets up-do-date and accurate. It is exciting for companies like yours to watch as the accuracy of the location of assets improves from year to year. Many companies tie employee incentives to the accuracy of this asset information. People working toward those incentives using CG4 asset inventory tracking software hit their asset accuracy goals.