Our Customers

CG4 Customers

We have customers from a wide variety of industries. No matter what their line of business, they all have desires to track and be accountable for company assets. Our customers track all types of assets such as computers, equipment, furniture, backup tapes, vehicles, and any items that are uniquely identified.

When customers inform us that they are switching backend Asset Management systems, we work out the integration with their new backend system so that we can continue to have them as a CG4 customer.

We take our relationships with our customers personally. Our goal is to have our customers satisfied with both the software and service they receive from CG4. Some customers have been with CG4 for almost fourteen years, which says something in this fast-changing world of technology, mobility, and asset tracking.

Industries Represented by CG4 Customers

Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Manufacturing, Banking, Construction, Consulting, Distribution, Education, Energy, Finance, Gaming, Government – State and Federal, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, Investment, Jewelry, Legal, Manufacturing, Military, Outsourcing, Publishing, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation.

Statistics of CG4 Customers

Our very first CG4 customer from 1999 is still with us. We have dozens of customers listed on the Fortune 500 list. Our customers come from all industries, multiple braches of the military, many universities, state governments, agencies of the federal government, and many other walks of life.

We have customers of all sizes. We have educational customers – both large universities and local school districts. We have small customers with a few hundred employees and large commercial customers with over 350,000 employees. Our largest commercial customer has annual revenues over $100 billion. We love all our customers from the large, global corporations to the local businesses.

We have customers who install on everything from a workstation or a laptop in their work area to those who install on the latest virtual or physical servers in highly secure facilities. One thing all our customers have in common is that they all track, at a minimum, their IT assets. Not all of them choose to track their other fixed asset, furniture, and equipment. The reasons tie back to an organization’s internal mandates, objectives, policies, and analysis of risk / return. For additional thoughts, refer to Return on Investment and Best Practices.